Luxurious Lingerie & Nightwear

Buying a sexy bra for the first time is a rite of passage for women all over the world. With women coming in so many wonderful shapes and sizes- not to mention budgets and tastes in fashion, it’s a good thing there is something for everyone in the UKs lingerie and nightwear market!

We start our list with the globally recognised Agent Provocateur, where a bra and knickers set will highlight your assets and imagination. With bras named for what we can only imagine are some very sexy women, AP offers lacey numbers in neon colours with names like Margot, Abbey, and Darla, for those dipping a toe in the pool of sexy and seductive lingerie. On the other end of the spectrum, they showcase sets like The Birthday Suit- made of red silk satin with heart shaped pasties and suspenders supporting lace garter belts- for those ready to jump in feet first.

For something a little more tame, we have Marks and Spencer. The perfect place to buy your first bra, this is the shop to find undergarments no matter your shape or size. With bras ranging all the way to 42 J and styles that vacillate between lacey and demure and “plunged and padded” for something more risqué, there is something for everyone at this store known for fit and quality at common sense prices.

Somewhere between the raciness of AP and the demure suggestiveness of M&P there lies Rigby and Peller. Famous for being the place that fits The Queen’s bras, this “Lingerie Stylists” house offers both run of the mill bra and pants sets, as well as vintage corsets and nightdresses and a generous selection of wedding lingerie for that big day.
Fig Leaves is a favorite for many, carrying a variety of brands from Curvy Kate with its’ babydoll nightdresses and “Tease Me” knickers, to the Fantasie collection with its’ lacy bras known for their side support. Fig Leaves’ variety of brands helps them to cover everything from the fun and flirty to the downright erotique.

In keeping with the idea that there be something for everyone, Royce specialises in “everyday” bras and knickers, and is famous for wire free bras that are perfect for pregnant and nursing mums not ready to surrender their sexy underthings. For so long impending motherhood meant bras and pants that reminded women of their grandmothers! But with Royce stepping into the market to fill a need, motherhood no longer means a descent into feelings of frumpiness and friends can now give soon to be Mums gifts that are a little more fun than a pram!